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United Check Cashing offers excellent customer support 24/7. See what some of our satisfied customers had to say:

"I had to use this facility on south broad st about four days ago. I had a very large check to cash and they handled it with no problem. They make sure you were in a safe location. They gave me everything I asked for in the denomination that I asked for and great customer service skills. I would recommend this check cashing place on south broad st to anyone great place great service."
-Charles H.


"Great service very professional and courteous. I often get my checks post-dated 2-3 days early and still they cash them. Would proudly recommend to anyone."
-Alexander J.


"I can't say enough about how professional, courtesy, and prompt that the staff have treated me here. This establishment is first class from the tellers to the owners. I don't usually write reviews but I just had to share how great the people here not to mention how convenient"
-Neeko S.


"Great company I’m out of town in California they made it real easy for me to square up everything much respect!!!!!!"
-Vee J.

"I have to say this is the best check cashing location in the city of Philadelphia!!!! Friendly workers and 100% customer service you have nowhere else to go they have everything that you need and they treat you like family. I would recommend this location to everyone and I will continue to spread the word because of the amazing service I received!! You will not regret coming here!!"
-Brandon H.


"I found out that they have 2 check cashing machines that nobody uses, so no wait for me!!!!!"
-WHB Jr.


"Great alternative to the banks. I have signed up there as a business account. Very nice staff. Clean store. Professional service. They treat all their customers with the exact same courtesy. No hassle. And most importantly convenient. Thank you owners and staff at United Check Cashing (broad str.)."
-Ja M.


"This place and the owners are the best! They make sure that you get what you need, also by protecting themselves (as they should). They are very helpful and friendly!"
-Tammy L.